Cybernaptics Advocates for Sustainable Innovation at UoM Research and Innovation Week 2023

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Cybernaptics Advocates for Sustainable Innovation at UoM Research and Innovation Week 2023

A Vision for the Future

Dr. Viv Padayatchy, Founder and Managing Director of Cybernaptics Ltd, addressed the University of Mauritius (UoM) Research and Innovation Week 2023, emphasizing the importance of developing a model for sustainable innovation in Mauritius. Speaking to a gathering of esteemed guests, professors, and students, Dr. Padayatchy shared insights on how technology innovation can create value, solve real-world problems, and make a lasting impact.

From the Lab to the Market

The central theme of Dr. Padayatchy’s presentation was the journey ‘From the Lab to the Market.’ He outlined a circular model for sustainable innovation, highlighting the need for a continuous cycle that nurtures ideas from research and development, guides them through commercialization, and ensures their sustainable growth in the market. This model aims to transform interdisciplinary research into commercial success, driving technological advancement and economic resilience.

A Call for Collaborative Efforts

Dr. Padayatchy stressed the importance of collaboration between academia and industry, citing the Research Collaboration Agreement between Cybernaptics and UoM as a prime example. He highlighted the contributions of young innovators like Shoaib, a research assistant who has been instrumental in projects such as Algorythmics, Mauritius’s first regtech platform.

Supporting Framework for Innovators

In his vision for a sustainable innovation ecosystem, Dr. Padayatchy proposed a supporting framework for startups and young entrepreneurs in Mauritius. This framework includes incubation support, amendments to the Public Procurement Act to foster startup participation, and the creation of a Project Management Office to oversee initiatives. He emphasized the role of public procurement in creating market opportunities and the need for continuous supervision and coaching for startups.

Nurturing the Future of Mauritius

Dr. Padayatchy’s speech was a call to action for government bodies, educational institutions, industry leaders, and the community to join hands in building an environment where innovation thrives. He envisioned a future where Mauritius is not only known for its natural beauty but also as a hub of innovation and technology.


Cybernaptics’ participation in the UoM Research and Innovation Week 2023 underlines its commitment to fostering sustainable innovation in Mauritius. By advocating for a collaborative approach and a supportive ecosystem for young innovators and entrepreneurs, Cybernaptics aims to contribute to the economic and technological growth of the island nation.

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