Warranty Terms


1. These terms and conditions apply to the limited warranty (‘Limit Warranty’) for the product purchased (‘The Product’) and accompanied with the invoice.

2. The Limited Warranty services are provided by Cybernaptics Limited situated at MFD FREEPORT

3. For the purpose of this document, “Service Center” shall refer to Cybernaptics technical staff or
authorized business partners.

4. The effective date shall be taken as the customer invoice date unless stated otherwise in the
commercial agreement or service contract.
Part I: The Limited Warranty

5. The Limited Warranty is valid for the period set out in Annex 1 as from the effective date.

6. The Limited Warranty is valid only for the customer purchasing the Product and is not transferable.

7. For any claim under the limited warranty, the customer must present a copy of the invoice containing the name and address of the customer, purchase date and model number and serial
number (if available).

8. The limited warranty covers defects in material and if the product is installed by the service center,
workmanship encountered under normal use and installation of the product subject to these terms
and conditions. The customer shall provide to the service center, prompt unhindered access to the
product for the purposes of ensuring any service under the Limited warranty.

9. The defective product or parts thereof covered under the Limited Warranty will be repaired or
replaced (with comparable and/or refurbished equipment’s or parts) as determined by the sole
discretion of the Service Centre and in accordance with the related manufacturer’s procedures.

10. The service center shall only proceed with the replacement of the product covered under the limited
warranty where the product has been determined as beyond repair. The service center reserves the
right to replace the product with another product having same or similar specification. Under no
circumstances, the Service Centre will consider a customer’s request for replacement of the product.

11. Any product or thereof replaced shall become the property of the Service Centre.

12. Any repair or replacement performed by the service center during the Warranty period shall not
cause ny extension or modification of the warranty period from the date of purchase.

13. All decisions by the Service Centre in respect of the Limited Warranty (including repairs,
replacements or issues relating to defects of workmanship or materials) shall be conclusive and
binding on the customer.

14. The Limited warranty is the service center’s sole and exclusive liability in respect of defects in the
product and workmanship (workmanship if the installation was carried out by the Service center).
The service center’s liability under the Limited Warranty is limited to the purchase price of the

15. The remedies in the Limited Warranty are the Customer’s sole and exclusive remedies. The service
centre shall not be liable for any incidental, indirect, special and/or consequential damages
(including loss of benefits, revenue or profits and/or rental costs incurred for substitution of the
product) arising from or in connection with the product and the Limited warranty.

16. Any estimated time for completion of the repairs is indicative only and does not form or construe
any obligation under the Limited Warranty.

17. Should the service Centre determine that the repairs required are covered under the limited
warranty for whatever reason, the custom will be duly notified. If the customer authorizes the
repair, which are not covered under the Limited Warranty, the customer will be charged for the
costs associated with the repairs (including replacement parts, labor and transport (where

18. Any repairs to be carried out at the premises of the customer will bear a fee.
Part II Warranty Exclusions

19. The Limited Warranty does not cover:

a) Loss or damage of the Product arising from or in connection with:

i) Abuse, tampering, modification, disassembling and/or repairs other than by the authorized
personnel of the Service Centre;

ii) Negligent use and/or misuse (including improper storage, exposure to moisture, excessive
temperature, sand, dust, dirt, corrosion, oxidation, other pollution and/or other
environmental conditions and/or failure to follow recommended precautions and operating
instructions per user manual);

iii) Fire, flood, lightning, strike or other acts of God, infiltration of water;

iv) Defective consumable items such as battery leakages and short circuits

v) Failure to conduct regular servicing and maintenance of the product

vi) Accidental damage (including spillage of food or liquid, fall, damage caused by insects,
vermin or reptiles

b) Loss or damage to the product arising from or in correction with the malfunction of, connection to
and/or use of parts, accessories and consumables not authorized or recommended by the manufacturer (including re-conditioned, tampered, re-used and/or non genuine parts from another manufacturer, accessories and consumables). In such event, the Service Centre reserves the right to terminate the Limited Warranty forthwith.

c) Loss or damage to the product arising from or in the connection with any electrical (including but
not limited to cables, wires, plugs)

d) Product with its serial number and/or equivalent removed, defaced or altered.

e) Any deterioration or damage due to normal wear and tear (including scratches or damage on plastic surfaces and other externally exposed parts of the products)

f) General Product maintenance, demonstration, installation, routine, servicing, calibration and
customization of the Product, unless the Service Centre installed the Product and/or has been contracted to provide maintenance services in respect of the product.

g) Transport cost to and from the service center (charged at the sole discretion of the service center)
and associated risks or damages that may arise out or in connection with the transport.

Part III: General
20. Nothing in these terms and conditions or otherwise arising from or in connection with the Limited

Warranty shall be deemed or construed to be a policy of insurance between the Service Centre and
the Customer.

21. The Limited Warranty including these terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in
accordance with the laws of Mauritius.