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Discover the power of strategic IT solutions with Cybernaptics. Partnering with leading global companies, we bring you the best in ERP, RPA, and BI technologies. Our mission is to empower your business journey through innovation and tailored IT solutions, driving you forward in the digital age.

Reimagine Your Business Processes

Transform challenges into opportunities with our expertly crafted IT strategies. Cybernaptics specializes in evaluating your unique business requirements to offer industry-specific support and solutions. Let us help you reimagine your business processes for optimal performance and innovation.

Our Services:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Streamline and integrate your business processes with solutions like Dynamics 365 Business Central or Odoo.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Automate routine tasks for efficiency with Automation Anywhere.
  • Business Intelligence (BI): Gain actionable insights and make informed decisions with Qlik.
  • O365 Services: Comprehensive integration, upgrades, support, and training for the full suite of Office 365 applications, ensuring seamless collaboration and productivity.

  • Power Apps: Develop custom business applications easily without coding with Power Apps, allowing for rapid deployment and integration with existing data.

Customized Solutions for Every Industry:

Why Choose Cybernaptics?

Our Services


ERP By Microsoft Dynamics Navision


Data Analytics By Qlik BI


RPA By Automation Anywhere


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)



RPA excels in automating rule-based, repetitive tasks across various departments such as finance, HR, customer service, and IT. Our experts can help identify the processes in your business that will benefit most from automation, ensuring optimal efficiency gains.

RPA bots are designed to work with your existing software and systems without the need for major changes. They mimic human interactions with applications, ensuring seamless integration and operation.

Consider your business size, industry-specific needs, scalability for future growth, ease of integration with existing systems, and the level of customization required. Our consultants can guide you through selecting a solution that best fits your unique operational needs.

Post-implementation, you’ll receive comprehensive support including system updates, maintenance, training for new features, and troubleshooting. Our goal is to ensure your ERP system continuously meets your business needs and evolves with your growth.

Yes, BI solutions are designed to aggregate data from various sources, including internal systems and external databases, providing a unified view of your business information. This integration is crucial for accurate, holistic analysis and reporting.