Cybernaptics Hosts Traceability Summit in Nairobi, Kenya

Cybernaptics Traceability Summit

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Cybernaptics Hosts Traceability Summit in Nairobi, Kenya

Cybernaptics, an innovative company in traceability in Mauritius and the African region, successfully hosted the Traceability Summit in Nairobi, Kenya, on August 16th and 17th. In collaboration with GS1 Kenya and Zebra Technologies, this event brought together key players in the industry. GS1 Kenya, a prominent non-profit organization within the global GS1 network, is dedicated to establishing and implementing standards and solutions that amplify supply chain efficiency and visibility across diverse sectors. Zebra Technologies, a distinguished manufacturer renowned for its mobile terminals, printers, barcode readers, and RFID chips, brought its hardware expertise to the collaboration.

The Traceability Summit marked a pivotal moment for Cybernaptics, affirming its standing as a significant player within the African traceability landscape. Throughout the two-day affair, the spotlight shone on an impending alliance that fuses Cybernaptics’ industry proficiency, GS1 Kenya’s standards governance, and Zebra Technologies’ cutting-edge traceability hardware.

Dr. Viv Padayatchy, the Managing Director of Cybernaptics, underscored the importance of the event, stating, “This summit provides a unique platform to share our expertise with key stakeholders in the region. Our commitment to sustainable development aligns seamlessly with the Traceability Summit’s objectives. This collaboration allows us to explore strategic avenues that will shape the future of traceability in Africa.”

The Traceability Summit comprised two phases, each providing distinct value to participants. GS1 Kenya initiated the event with presentations on international traceability standards, setting the foundation for a comprehensive understanding. The second phase, in partnership with Zebra Technologies, offered customized interactive workshops. Led by Cybernaptics experts, participants engaged in practical scenarios directly relevant to their industries, applying the concepts presented earlier.

Vikash (Devinash) Sewruttun (LION), Senior Business Developer at Cybernaptics in Kenya, emphasized the company’s strengths, noting, “Our expertise extends beyond our extensive experience and diverse client portfolio. It extends to our team of Zebra-certified experts, showcasing our proficiency in handling Zebra technologies and offering integrated high-performance solutions. Our collaboration with Zebra, both technologically and as partners, fortifies our strategic standing. This synergy enhances our clients’ experiences, ensuring innovative solutions and constant evolution.”

Furthermore, Cybernaptics’ local presence in Africa, in conjunction with GS1 Kenya and Zebra Technologies, represents a major advantage. The geographical proximity allows us to understand the nuances and specificities of the African market, in order to create solutions tailored to the unique challenges posed by the diversity of infrastructures and varying regulations of the region. Cybernaptics’ approach extends beyond the hardware aspect. The company is committed to integrating traceability solutions at all levels, from design to operational implementation.

In this regional context, innovation and partnerships with key players in the industry make Cybernaptics the ideal service provider to meet the growing demand for traceability in Africa and actively contribute to the modernization of African enterprises.

“By strengthening our presence in the African market, we demonstrate our expertise and commitment to the development of sustainable supply chains in the region. Furthermore, we aspire to establish successful strategic partnerships, enhance our regional network and contribute to business modernization. This event has reinforced our position as a reference in the field of traceability in Africa. By offering cutting-edge solutions and forging lasting partnerships, we are determined to catalyze progress and innovation in the region,” concludes Dr. Viv Padayatchy.

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